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8 Writing Tools Tactics That Will Help You Win in 2021

The content of the blog has been written as exciting and informative as possible. You have published it, and many people have read it. Once again, it turned out that there were errors in the typing and sentence structure. This will make you a little anxious and frustrated, mainly if the posts are written in English. Well, the writer can avoid this mistake right from the start. One way to do this is to use a grammar check application

We have options available. We have summarized the eight best online grammar check applications in this tutorial. Besides correcting grammatical errors, these eight tools will also help you improve your writing skills.

Use the Grammatical Check Tool

Anyone would like content to be published, whether on blogs or other media, to avoid mistakes. If you even find a few grammatical errors, it could damage someone's reputation as a writer. Content with a lot of grammar and writing errors will be considered unprofessional. As a result, readers will 'run away' without thinking about it. 

Who, anyway, is going to visit a blog with unstructured written content? A double-check is required to ensure that the text is clear from grammatical and sentence structure errors. However, this manual process is not 100% accurate. Something has to be lacking. That's why you need a Grammar Check app. You can edit content more quickly and efficiently with the assist of this program. Here are some of the vulnerabilities that the app can check: 
  • Typo
    I was trying to write a truck, but what happened was a "tryck." If you use a grammar search app, items that are as basic as this won't be skipped. 
  • Passive voice
    The active voice is favored because it is perceived to clarify the thoughts and messages to be communicated. However, this does not mean that passive sentences are inefficient, e.g., in journal writing or scholarly articles. You will figure out how many passive sentences have been used to change the content through an online grammar review app.
  • Punctuation
    The use of punctuation marks meant the sense of the content. E.g., it is difficult for an interrogatory sentence to conclude with a duration of punctuation. The meaning is going to be different. If you need help working out which sentence should be added with commas, quotation marks, or other punctuation marks, the Grammar Review tool has a feature that will make this task simpler. 
  • Frequent usage of the word
    The English grammar check tool will usually check your content for overused words. Later, this tool can recommend alternate word lists to make the posts more varied.

Best Grammar Check Application

The author frequently creates the four errors that can be tested and reduced using the following grammar check function. Let’s check, learn about the characteristics and benefits of each program. 

1. Grammarly 

Yur writing at its best

There are several reasons why we choose Grammarly as the best online grammar check tool. First of all, this tool is used by nearly 20 million Internet users. This fantastic number cannot be separated from Grammarly's compatibility when installed in popular browsers and Microsoft Office. This software also provides the Grammarly Keyboard to be installed on your smartphone.

Second, Grammarly is free of charge and easy to install. Once the extension is installed in the browser, it will appear in the text editor's lower right corner. You'll know how many grammatical mistakes you've made. Any words that are not written correctly will be marked with a red line. Just hover over the word to fix it. Our favorite part of Grammarly is its ability to identify technical terms, including abbreviations and acronyms. For Grammarly, these terms will not be considered to be grammatical errors. 

If you want Grammarly to check other grammar and punctuation, you can use the Grammarly text editor. Subsequently, this tool will provide suggestions on formality elements, whether the content is short and dense, and diction. You must subscribe to Grammarly Premium to use the Grammarly Text Editor. It costs $29.95/month for the monthly plan, $19.98/month for the three-month plan, and $1.66/month for the annual plan. 

2. Hemingway 

The name of this app comes from one of the best writers in America, Ernest Hemingway. The man who wrote various literary works, including The Old Man and The Sea, is known for his short and efficient writing style. This reason is what became the goal of Hemingway's Grammar Check Tool. Although it works in the same way as other Grammar Check apps, Hemingway will make sure the sentences you write are not too long and easy to digest. 

The first thing to recommend is the use of a minimum of adverbs and a passive voice. Second, this tool offers a choice that is simpler than the words used today. Even if you write a complex sentence, Hemingway will recommend breaking the sentence into two or more sentences. Hemingway Editor is more than just an English sentence control tool. This application helps you convey ideas in a short, easy-to-understand sentence structure. This feature is considered very useful for those who are not native speakers of English. 

This browser-based free grammar check software offers various text customizations, such as headings, text sizes, and numbering. Hemingway is also available in a desktop version and can purchase with a one-time payment, 19.99 USD. 

3. NounPlus

Using this application is relatively easy. Type or drop the copied text into the NounPlus editor box. After that, click Check to see all the grammar errors that need to be fixed. Even though it doesn't work in real-time, it can still be relied upon to check other writing aspects like subjects, objects, adjectives, predicates, and other elements with different colors. This tool also provides examples of a word's pronunciation, so you know how to read it. 

This tool is flexible. This means that you can download the mobile version on Android and Apple devices as well. Content can be checked from anywhere. Not only have to turn on the PC. Apart from English, NounPlus also comes in several languages, such as Korean and Chinese (Mandarin). If what you're looking for is a free online grammar check tool, NounPlus is the solution. The appearance is also minimalist and neat.

4. Ginger

Ginger has three versions: a free version, a desktop version, and a premium version for the keyboard. The free version is available in the official Ginger website. It's just that the web for grammar checks can only correct one sentence. In other words, you have to enter the sentences one by one. If you feel that the free version is very limited, another option is to subscribe to the Desktop package. Later you will be given a particular PC application that will correct and rephrase your writing. The app also has a built-in dictionary and thesaurus, so you can ensure that everything you write is error-free. 

With all the features that available, one Ginger feature caught our attention, namely the Personal Trainer. This feature will provide suggestions based on mistakes that are often made. The good thing is, Ginger has a variety of language options. This will make it very easy for novice users to understand how Ginger works. The subscription fee is $ 29.96 / month, $ 89.88 / year, or $ 159.84 for a two-year plan. If you use your smartphone more, we recommend downloading the Ginger keyboard app. This online grammar check application comes with a built-in dictionary and thesaurus, and there are no correction restrictions—the amount of the subscription fee that costs 6.99 USD / year. 

5. After the Deadline 

Another English grammar check tool is After the Deadline. This open-source software can be installed on several platforms, including WordPress. When you edit content with WordPress, this tool will check grammar and make editing easier. There are three types and ways of checking grammar that is applied by this tool: 
  • Contextual Spell Checking 
  • Advanced Style Checking 
  • Intelligent Grammar Checking 
After the Deadline also functions to correct frequent writing errors. It's just that what distinguishes this application from other applications is that there are no fees charged to users. To see what needs to be corrected, click the After the Deadline icon in the lower right corner. The wrong text will be highlighted with a red line. There is also an option to ignore suggestions that are given regarding grammatical errors. Apart from WordPress, this free online grammar check tool can also be activated in Google Chrome, Firefox, and OpenOffice.

6. WhiteSmoke

As an online English grammar check application, WhiteSmoke is responsible for correcting grammar, pronunciation, style, and punctuation errors. This tool comes in three versions: the mobile version, the PC version, and the web version. 

Apart from getting the grammar correction feature, you can also watch video tutorials and read the guides. With the presence of these learning resources, you can enrich your knowledge of writing, spelling, and grammar questions. WhiteSmoke integrates with a plagiarism checker (a tool to check plagiarism) and supports a Gmail grammar check feature. 

For Windows users, WhiteSmoke can be used immediately. However, for macOS users, they must subscribe to a Premium or Business plan. The PC version's essential features can also be accessed on the mobile version, such as translator (translation) and one-click in stand proofreading (one-click correction). To use it on a mobile device, you must pay a fee of 1 USD. If you are interested in subscribing to WhiteSmoke, you can start by buying a 5 USD / month package. After that, upgrade to the $ 11.50 / month package with additional warranties and customer support.

7. Language Tool 

The main advantage of LanguageTool is its ability to analyze grammar errors from more than 20 languages. Even this grammar check tool can also correct English versions of other countries, for example, American English, British English, South African English, and Australian English. From the recommendations given, you can know the English vocabulary for a particular country.

This English sentence check tool can be accessed for free. You only need to download and install the extension in the browser. Write or copy the text into the provided field, then click Check Text to check for grammar and pronunciation errors. Each highlighted word will show where the problem is and why it should be written correctly.

You could say you learn new vocabulary while editing content. Not only writing errors, but LanguageTool gave the suggestions also include the use of example words in sentences that fit the context. Apart from offering a free English grammar check tool, LanguageTool also provides a premium package. In this package, you will get Microsoft Office plugins and more than 900 methods (added from 1700 available methods) to find errors in writing articles. To use it, you must first pay 59 USD / year.

8. ProWritingAid

Like other grammar check apps, Pro Writing Aid can also be downloaded for macOS and Windows devices or installed as an extension in the browser. ProWritingAid will check writing style, overused words, cliches, transitions, diction, summaries, and much more. Not only does it check for pronunciation and grammar mistakes, but it also analyzes the flow of your writing.The premium version can be accessed with a 70 USD / one-year subscription, 100 USD / 2 years, 140 USD / 3 years, or 240 USD / lifetime. 


Frequent grammar and writing errors will make readers doubt your professionalism. This matter should not be taken lightly. It would be best to recheck your writing so that it is neat and there are no mistyped words. One way is to use the grammar check tool. The following is a summary of the English grammar check application in this article:
  • Grammarly - A comprehensive and widely used grammar check tool.
  • Hemingway - The best choice for making content short, concise, and straightforward. 
  • NounPlus - A free, minimalistic application that supports a wide selection of languages.
  • Ginger - Combination of grammar and dictionary checking tools.
  • After the Deadline - A free, open-source tool compatible with WordPress.
  • WhiteSmoke - Tool for correcting grammar and writing errors.
  • LanguageTool - Tool for correcting grammar with multiple languages and customer assistance.
  • ProWritingAid - A tool that does more than just correct grammar mistakes. 

Avoid your writing from many mistakes in writing, grammar, diction, and so on. Improve the quality of your essay with an online grammar check tool.

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