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Side Hustle: 10 Killer Ways to Remote Working

Thanks to technical advancements, it is now possible to operate remotely from home. This job recommendation is ideal for those who want a flexible work schedule and those who have to survive in times of disaster, like the COVID-19 pandemic. However, it could be a little cumbersome to select one of the various job search options available. That's why we're going to check our list of the ten best remote work in 2021.

What is the perfect remote work over the year?

Working from home has various benefits, such as a more flexible work schedule and lots of opportunities to learn new things. Remote work can also reduce your cost because you don't have to pay for transport. However, remote work also has disadvantages such as miscommunication, distraction, loneliness, and motivation loss. You also have to be careful with the remote work you choose because there may be malicious intentions in crisis times like this.

If you want to minimize the shortcomings of remote work, try to balance everyday life with your work, schedule free time, and stay in touch with colleagues. Lastly, do some in-depth research before applying for the job you want. Keep in mind that there are a few remote jobs you can do at this point:

1. Copywriter

For those who like to write, copywriting is a tremendous remote job. Copywriting is used for marketing a product or service, but it's not just limited to this. You'll notice that this field is similar to content writing, where the goal is to inform readers. Copywriters can also work in various industries, from IT, entertainment, business, and more. A copywriter is a perfect opportunity to study a variety of topics.

Copywriter's income varies from sector to sector. Still, the average annual copywriter's income is 58,758 USD, with an estimated hourly rate of 28 USD based on ZipRecruiter. Copywriter's content can range from industry reports, social media posts, blog posts to marketing copy. As long as there is something to advertise and communicate in writing, this role will never run out of opportunities.

Copywriting is a field that anyone can do with the right amount of hard work and knowledge. To be sure, the copywriter must have a perfect understanding of the language and proficiency in writing. You need to understand grammar, have a broad vocabulary, and be willing to experiment with many styles and forms of writing. You can't become a great writer overnight, so keep practicing.

Having an open mind and being curious is also essential, so unfamiliar topics won't keep you from writing well. Don't forget, use your research skills and always be critical of the information you learn.

2. Programmer

Becoming a programmer is one of the high-income positions in remote employment. The job relates to the development of computer applications. Programming is an area with large work openings, such as web developers, app developers, computer scientists, among many others.

So, if you want to be a programmer, you can be a flexible (but not specialized) person or focus on one field. It's best to think carefully and concentrate on one skill. Then, once you become more knowledgeable in your work, you can expand your abilities to explore more.

3. Social Media Manager

Many businesses can pay a lot for handling their social media and digital activities. That is what the social media manager is trying to do. Since you're working from home, this job is worth exploring. The social media group manager receives an annual salary of USD 52,046 a year and USD 25 per hour.

Their work is based on content planning, maintaining editorial schedules, growing awareness and brand personality, and building interaction on different social media networks. The social media manager must have an apparent experience of using analysis software to gather the data required to figure out what elements of the campaign need to be changed.

Social media team administrators must be constructive, communicative, and able to handle their time efficiently. They must be skilled in marketing and publishing. People wanting to work in this role must still keep up to date with the trends so that their content and social media campaigns will catch the audience's interest at the right time.

4. Translator

Consider starting to become such a translator because you are proficient in more than one language. For those who like to write and are skilled in translating text on different subjects, this remote job is an excellent choice. There will still be a need for reliable translators, ensuring no barriers to contact in the world today. Translators would never lose their jobs as long as knowledge sharing is required.

Translators may collaborate or join agencies as freelancers. In all types of industries, from technological areas to creative ventures, they are needed. Someone may become a translator in any language. Still, the only requirement a translator must-have is not to be fluent in several languages. As translators, they also need to consider the subject being translated and to perform research with critical thinking.

Of course, the translator's principles must understand the language they study. They used the proper grammar and structure to know which words and phrases are used in a specific context.

Thankfully, to learn such things, you don't have to go to a language school. With the assistance of tools and programs like FluentU, FutureLearn, Rosetta Stone, and many more, you can be self-taught. Plus, online and offline, there are several books about language lessons. 

5. Data Entry

Data entry is a general term that refers to various kinds of work. You can find different roles within this group, such as typists, transcribers, clerks, and coders. One thing in common is their position: updating the record in the database using data processing software. Audiotapes, journals, or digital files may be the data for which they have to operate. As a data entry employee, attention must be paid to detail, be fluent in English, and work efficiently.

One of the main requirements is typing speed, especially since they can make payments hourly or per keystroke. A data entry person's annual revenue hits an average of USD 41,659, with an average hourly salary of USD 20. Furthermore, keep in mind that input data can charge remote work power input less than its equivalent in the office. However, if you want to gain extra money by doing necessary activities, it takes a lot of effort.

6. Graphic Designer

A graphic designer, either as a medium for advertisement or artistic expression, is a person who produces visual materials. This field is particularly suitable for remote work because the designer can perform work digitally, and online collaboration is not tricky. Although the design is part of daily life, it's no surprise that so many businesses in the U.S. are searching for graphic designers. Graphic design will rise by 3 percent by 2028, the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts. A graphic designer's average annual salary is about 48,158 USD, with an approximate hourly payment of 23 USD. 

It would be best to have creative abilities, technical competence, and artistic sensitivity to become a graphic designer. Communication skills and the ability to multitask and solve design issues are also necessary. You should become familiar with design software, such as Adobe Illustrator, Sketch, and others, to feel that you are an excellent fit for this role. To draw and learn critical composition elements and color theory.

7. Web Designer

Next on this list is a web design, a field that focuses on functionality and appearance. Web designers must have the technological expertise, imagination, and know-how to translate the client's artistic vision into a fully functioning product. As a web designer, you should use design software like Dreamweaver, Figma, Photoshop, FlowMapp, and many more.

You will also need to learn programming languages such as JavaScript, CSS, HTML, and different platforms for developing websites such as WordPress or Joomla. You will need to understand the fundamentals of the architecture of the user interface. You will have the best user interface for tourists in this way.

Other qualities required from the web designer are the ability to work within time limits, project management, and good communication skills so the client could understand technical terms.

You don't need to seek formal education to become a successful web designer. However, you can learn by taking online courses or reading different web design concepts literature. On average, a web designer can receive USD 60,378 per year at an hourly rate of USD 29 per hour.

8. Customer Service Representative

Customer service representative is one of the most promising remote workers in the world. Their work focuses on answering customer questions, addressing complaints, and processing orders. People looking to work in this sector will join customer services management companies such as Liveops, Concentrix, and Sykes. This online company is in high demand because businesses can save money by recruiting skilled outsourced employees. You may also search for related work at places like Fiverr or FlexJobs.

Communication, interpersonal and problem-solving skills are some of the values of a customer service representative. They will need to be coordinated to track information and multi-tasking in the toughest, fast-paced environment. Many jobs require you to have at least one high school diploma or experience in the same position. The gross annual salary of the customer service agent is USD 35,409. They're paid about USD 17 per hour.

The equipment needed depends on the company. Some businesses require you to talk on the phone, while others require you to communicate through live chat. One thing is sure, however, is that you need a secure internet connection, a good laptop and a pair of headphones.

9. User Experience Tester

Suppose you're curious and are interested in enhancing the user experience of an app or website. In that case, this area is ideal for remote work. As a target end-user, your feedback is essential to companies trying to improve their websites and apps' usability. UX testers make money by offering truthful reviews after completing several tasks on apps or websites. This job is provided by several sites, some of which are UserTesting, Respondent, and UTestl.

Each test lasts approximately 20-60 minutes, and the revenue is typically priced on a project basis. Although the amount of income varies depending on the website, the user experience tester will receive USD 2-USD 100 per project.

You don't need to have an educational background in IT to become a user interface tester. Since this job is designed to get feedback from everyday users, anyone can become a UX tester. Most significantly, the UX tester must understand spoken and written English, recording equipment (if necessary), and a secure internet connection. To get this work, the UX Tester must go through the selection test stage first.

Although not very secure as a primary source of income, this work is ideal for those who want to make some extra money by engaging in UX tester adventures.

10. Editor 

If you were shocked to know how many writers you could receive above, this one could surprise you, too. Professional editors may also make a lot of money and six figures a year in some extreme cases. Whether editing books, online blogs, technical documents, journal articles, or any other corporate documents, this is one of the best ways to make a living when working remotely.

Every website and publishing also has an editor or a department of editors. That article you were reading on Forbes? It had to go past the publisher. The New York Times article? It's also been edited.

With any piece that's written online, an editor is required. There's no excuse that the editor can't be done remotely or from home. Hence, it's a great career opportunity if you want that versatility.

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